my experiences with CTX-1455CW

The “CTX-1455CW Citrix Common Management Platform 4.5: Administration” elearning course is nessarry for the CCA 4.5 certification. It is just an elearning module. The length is mentioned with 120 minutes. I’m a non-native english speaker and needed about 90 minutes. It is divided into 5 Modules: Citrix Applicatation Delivery Infrastructur, Common Managment Task Overview, Using the Access Management Console, Installing and Configuring Citrix Licenses, Managing Citrix Licenses. To put it all together: you need to know marketing arguments, the licensing process and Access Management Console.
Read the first two Modules really carefully and make you notes (or drag&drop somewhere :) ), because they asking some propaganda questions!
At the end you have to answer 16 questions. I think the passing quote is at 66%.

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