my experiences with 1Y0-259 exam

On Friday i passed the Citrix 1Y0-259 (Presentation Server 4.5: Administration) exam. I was really supprised about the questions and the way they were asked. The passing quote is at 68%. You have to answer 66 Questions in 120 Minutes. I think don’t have to hurry, but at the end i had just about 10 minutes left.
Compared to 1Y0-223 (Presentation Server 3.0: Administration) the test seems much harder for me.

- there are almost no “nobrainer” questions like e.g. “Which is the default XML Service port?” or “What does ICA stands for?” (like in 1Y0-223)
- about 70% of questions where scenarios: – a situation is descriped in a short way and you have to suggest a possible solution. The descripted situations are particulary really strange and hard for me to understand.
One example: “A company don’t want to implement Web Interface at this time. They may plan to introduce it in future. Concerning the situation, which windows client would you suggest: a) web client – (IMHO: false) .. b) secure access client (IMHO: false) c) Program Neighborhood (maybe right, but don’t have full 4.5 feature set) d) Program Neighborhood Agent (maybe right – need PNA Webinterface site – wich is not Access Platform). I choosed c) – but I’m still not sure.
- many questions about policies
- many questions about printers: – especially in conjunction with policies (create session printers…) :)
- application streaming is no topic: I just had one questions with it
- there was some challenging questions about Webinterface with external IP and Port-translation to internal Presentation Server

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